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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Elections Législatives

This week end in France is the first round of the legislative elections. These two rounds of voting follow the ones where we elected Nicolas Sarkozy as our president for the next 5 years. The goal of this election is to define who will be sitting at the "Assemblée Nationale", which represents the Legislative power in France.
The point of my post is not really to give you a detail explanation about this process but rather to understand how to vote ! I recently received by mail a letter with a leaflet of each one of the 17 people that I could vote for ... Yes you read right : 17 persons ! So my question is dead simple how do you make your choice ?
So the first answer is simple : vote for the candidate which represents the person you voted for during the first round of the presidential elections. Easy you might say ! The only little problem is that there were only 12 candidates ! So the whole post comes to that : who might vote for these 5 "extra" persons ? Family, friends, ... ? But whats the purpose ?
It seems most of these people are using ecology as one of their key driver, or they are yet another candidate of the "far left side". Don't get me wrong, I do like freedom of speech and republican rights, but at some point you got to wonder the point of having so many different trends and people, whom are mainly interested by their own interest of being elected, and do not really worry about us electors. In that sense I really do like internal debates within one party to designate the best candidate (like the PS has done this year, or like this is done in the US). Of course pushed to the extreme this would mean limited number of parties and we need diversity, but come on, do we really need 17 people thinking they have completely different strategies from one another ? This does not make any sense to me at all !
So this might be the "rosé" speaking, but clearly I wanted to share my astonishment in front of the number of candidates I needed to choose from ... But do not worry, my choice is made ! Is yours ?


Clowny said...

I notice you labelize it FUN ;-) ... I'm not sure it's very fun ...
I've made my choice too and I share your interrogation about the interrest of so lot of candidate ...

This is my first comment ... and last one too, English is to hard for me ;-)

Simon said...

Did not really want to create a politics category since this might be the single post I'll ever make on the subject !
Anyhow your english is superb ;-)