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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sick with Frisbee ? Try Waboba !

This summer, you want to look cool on the beach ... Since kite surfing is too much Loic, and frisbee is not cool enough, why not try Waboba ?
It's a simple ball that bounces off the water, which you can throw at your friends. It seems easy enough for every public (boys and gilrs) to make it enjoyable. I you are more of a competitive person, they even came up with a game you can win ;-).
It might be 6 Euros worth the fun ... Watch the video to get convinced :


Titom & Coco said...

Awesome !
I want to try this ASAP.
We could maybe try to play it into a covered pool and call it 'Jorky waboba' :-)

Simon said...

Yééé ... Jorky rules.
I think it would be specially great in your swimming pool ;-)