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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Laptop Skins

So you like your laptop PC so much you would not change it for anything in the world ... Specially for this brand new iMac that your colleagues have been bragging about for the past few weeks : "isn't that the nicest laptop you've ever seen ?" ... So what ?
Now you can make all of them jealous thanks to these laptopskins !
LaptopSkins sells some covers like this :

If you are a little bit of a geek, you might go for for these :

The website basically allows you to enter the size of your laptop (nice thing seeing all the different sizes available out there), select the skin you'd like, and for a mere 25$/19.95€ you can get your skin. If you are not even sure of you're laptop size (specially with all the inches/cm conversion), you can always give your laptop model and they'll figure the perfect size out for you !

And after that, I'm almost sure you'll be the new guy with the cool computer everyone will be bragging about ... Or at least you can try ;-)


Sebz said...

Ahaha, I was talking about that with Nico. He has just ordered one skin from

Skining my laptop is a little bit too much for me :)

"Jacky Touch" for the french readers ;)

Well, never say never ...

a said...

cool laptop skins i got mine from VideoGame Skins